Total Smile Restoration with All-on-4®

“I hate everything about my dentures!”

“Isn’t there a better alternative to dentures?”

“I’m tired of trying to fix my teeth – I give up!”

Don’t give up on fixing your teeth. 311 Dental is here to help you reclaim your smile with the revolutionary All-on-4® treatment.

What is All on 4 dental implants?

All on Four is an attractive alternative to removable dentures. The smile restoration treatment involves the precise placement of four dental implants on the upper or lower jaw. These four implants support a permanent arch of natural-looking and fully-functioning replacement teeth, thereby eliminating the need for the placement of an implant for every missing tooth.

Top Benefits of All on Four Implants

  • Showing off your dazzling smile
  • Eating your favorite foods again
  • Saying goodbye to annoying and sometimes embarrassing denture problems
  • Strong, secure, natural-looking teeth
  • Faster than getting individual implants

Are you missing all of your upper or lower teeth? You are not alone. More than 36 million people in the United States have lost all of their teeth, and millions more have lost all their upper or lower teeth. More than 90 percent of those who have lost all their teeth wear dentures.

If you are dreaming of permanently-restored smile that is natural-looking and fully functional, All-on4® may be right for you.

What to expect during All-on-4® treatment

All-on-4® requires several trips to your dentist. After your consultation, you will return for the main treatment visit in which your dentist places the metal implants into your jaw and affixes a temporary arch. In a process known as osseointegration, your jawbone fuses with the implant over time to create a sturdy support structure. Once osseointegration is complete, you will return for the placement of your permanent arch.

How is All-on-4® different?

Before All-on-4®, dentists had to place dental implants one-by-one to replace multiple teeth. All-on-4® is revolutionizing dental implants by attaching a permanent denture to just four posts. What’s even better is that All-on-4® is safe, secure, permanent, and looks totally natural – nobody will know you are wearing dentures, but everyone will notice your great smile.

How much does all on 4 cost?

While it is an investment, the results are permanent and they can change your life. During your complimentary consultation that includes 3D x-rays, we will provide you with an accurate, transparent estimate based on your specific needs. 311 Dental also makes it easy to smile by offering financing and a variety of other flexible payment options.

Is All-on-4® treatment painful?

Your comfort is our priority, so we offer sedation dentistry that helps you stay relaxed throughout your treatment. After waking up, you may have some temporary sensitivity near the treatment sites, but we will give you hints and tips for reducing any discomfort you may experience.

Will All-on-4® smile restoration treatment work for me?

A total mouth restoration may be right for you if you:

  • Have lost 6 or more teeth on your upper or lower jaw
  • Hate wearing your dentures
  • Are tired of treatments that never solve the problem
  • Would like a permanent solution that look, feel and function like natural teeth

Where can I find all on 4 dental implants near me?

For more information on the all on four Bolingbrook residents rely on for a lifetime of great smiles, contact 311 Dental. Our team of implant professionals have helped many patients just like you who need high-quality, permanent tooth replacements for a spectacular smile.

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