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Crown Lengthening
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Improve Your Smile with Crown Lengthening in Bolingbrook, IL

Have you ever been told that you have a “gummy smile?” This means that the ratio of gum vs. tooth is a bit unbalanced, often because the gums are too visible – hiding a portion of the tooth. Patients with this type of smile benefit from a cosmetic procedure to reshape the gums and create the ideal aesthetics.

If you are looking for crown lengthening treatments nearby, then our team at 311 Dental is here to help. We offer full-service treatments for both general dentistry and cosmetic services. Contact us to schedule a consultation so you can get your customized treatment plan.

When is Crown Elongation Necessary?

There are several reasons why your dentist might recommend a crown extension procedure:

  • Repairing Damage Below the Gumline: If a tooth fracture or decay is present under the gumline, then it might be necessary to pull back the gums temporarily to access the damaged portion of the tooth.
  • Preparation for a Crown: If a dental crown is being placed on the tooth, then there needs to be sufficient tooth structure to hold the crown. Sometimes, the dentist needs to adjust the gum position to access more of the tooth surface so the crown can be stable.
  • Gummy Smile Correction: Even though there aren’t functional concerns relating to a gummy smile, patients sometimes choose dental crown lengthening for cosmetic reasons. This procedure offers teeth lengthening by reshaping the visible gum line.

The best way to determine if crown lengthening is right for you is to talk to a local dentist about your dental goals. Our team at 311 Dental is here to help, offering personalized treatment plans for every patient that walks through the door.

Crown Elongation: How it Works

What should you expect when you choose to have a crown lengthening procedure? A simple explanation of this treatment is a gentle reshaping of the gum tissue to optimize the position and appearance of the gums. We use a laser to remove excess gum tissue and artfully create the ideal gumline.

Rest assured knowing that you can relax in comfort in the dental chair. We use a local anesthesia during the procedure so you won’t feel any pain. Sedation is an option for patients who experience dental anxiety. Also, the gums heal quickly, so the recovery time is relatively fast.

Is Crown Lengthening Right for Me?

Depending on the treatment plan, there are times when crown elongation is an essential step for restorative dentistry. Preparing the teeth and gums ensures the long-term success of a crown placement, because it optimizes the fit and position of the crown.

Additionally, improving the fit of the crown is essential to reduce the risk of decay around the crown. Adjusting the positioning of the gums can be necessary at times to minimize potential complications.

Also, the cosmetic benefits of crown lengthening are undeniable. If a person has a gummy smile, then creating a better ratio of gums vs tooth surface is essential for improving the overall aesthetics.

If you are considering this treatment, then consult with our dental team near you. We’ll complete a thorough examination to ensure your oral health is good and you have sufficient bone structure. These details are important to improve the success of the treatment.

311 Dental is here to help with crown elongation and a variety of other dental treatments. Reach out at your convenience to schedule an appointment at our local dental office.

Frequently Asked Questions

You won’t feel any pain during the procedure because local anesthesia is used. After the treatment, you will experience a bit of soreness and tenderness, which can be treated with over-the-counter pain medication.

The price of this treatment depends on the complexity of the treatment, including the number of teeth involved. We recommend that you schedule a consultation for a pricing estimate. It’s possible that your dental insurance might pay a portion of the costs if crown lengthening is determined to be medically necessary.

Aftercare is important to ensure a fast recovery. You will need to eat a soft diet for a few days and be proactive about gentle oral hygiene to keep your mouth clean. Ice packs can be used to manage swelling, if needed.