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Beauty and Function: Tooth Filling in Bolingbrook, IL

There are times when a portion of a tooth needs to be removed because it is decayed or damaged. Luckily, modern dentistry makes it possible to restore the appearance and function of the tooth using composite fillings.

If you are looking for a dental filling near you, then call our experienced team at 311 Dental. We use the absolute best materials available to provide durable fillings, creating a natural smile that you are proud to share with everyone you meet.

Reasons Why You Need a Tooth Filling

The most common reason to use this treatment is for a cavity dental filling. When the dentist discovers that a portion of your tooth is decayed, then it’s necessary to drill away the decay to stop it from spreading. Then, a composite dental filling is used to reshape the tooth and fill in the gap where the natural materials were removed.

Timely treatment matters for tooth fillings. If you leave the cavity untreated, then it will continue spreading through the tooth. Eventually, the infection can become bad enough that the tooth can’t be saved – resulting in a situation where extraction is the only option.

In addition to cavity filling treatments, our team at 311 Dental also offers services for a broken tooth filling, front tooth filling, chipped tooth filling, and more. If any portion of your tooth is damaged, then it’s time to talk to a dentist about possible treatment options.

Simple and Fast Tooth Restoration

Visiting a tooth filling dentist is an easy way to repair your smile and prevent complications in the future. First, our dental team will examine your tooth and provide treatment recommendations based on the size and location of the filling. When cavities are caught in the earliest stages, then composite resin fillings are sufficient. But if the tooth is left untreated, then you might need more intensive treatments such as a root canal or dental crown.

Most composite fillings are permanent, which means they can last for many years with proper dental care. But there are times when it might be necessary to use a temporary dental filling if you are waiting for a more permanent restoration.

During the appointment, the dentist will prepare the tooth by removing the decay. Once the tooth has been cleaned, then composite resin is placed into the open space, with careful selection to ensure that it matches the natural color of your other teeth. The dentist will apply the composite material in layers, using a special light to harden the filling. The final step is to polish the filling and ensure it fits comfortably in your bite alignment.

Dental Services in Bolingbrook, IL

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, because tooth-colored fillings are metal free and offer a natural-looking appearance. Additionally, composite fillings require less tooth removal compared to silver fillings.

The price depends on the location and size of the filling and the materials used. The good news is that most insurance companies will pay for a portion or all of the cost of dental fillings.

No, the appointment is virtually pain-free because we use local anesthetic during the treatment. You might feel a bit of sensitivity or tenderness for a day or two after the tooth filling.

Dental fillings are necessary to remove decay and prevent further damage to the tooth. Additionally, fillings restore the function and appearance of the tooth.